Matt’Bodeyster’Bode Wins World Online Poker Series

Super Turbo Unlimited Hold’em Monday, June 29, Matt Bode opened fire. “The online secret breaker has arrived,” behavioral therapist, The Ultimate Frisbee Medalist and Tournament Grinder said on Twitter shortly before the launch of the 2020 online World Series of Poker. “We deliver wristbands using the Poker Breaker Program, Support Sites, and Discord.

No retweets often expire at this time. Just six days later, the board predicted Event 4, $500 Unlimited Super Turbo Hold’em in the series. Realized when you break a field with a total of 1,179 entries to win the tournament. The board won its first gold bracelet and a grand prize of $97,091 for the win. According to one of his tweets Bonus138, he played a series from his father’s basement.

The event has responded to its reputation as a super turbo tournament. From the moment the card was first broadcast, it took more than six hours for the champion to decide. The event attracted a total of 828 unique players, re-entered 351 times and increased the final prize pool to $530,550. The money was paid to the top 180 companies with a Mincash visit bonus of 743 $138. Many notable players at the event, including

gymnasts John “havuuuuuc” (179- $743), two-time bracelet winner Ben “WhyIsGamora” Yu (167- $742), and Mike “mouth123”. I made progress and failed in the table finals. .. ‘Matusow (86- $955), Eric’ circleball’ Baldwin (66- $1,220) Ryan’ protential’ Laplante (58- $1,432), Phil’ Lumestackin’Hellmuth (37- $1,963), who won the bracelet twice. Event #3 Champion Robert “Bustinballs” Kuhn (33- $2,334), Matt “RubberFist” Stout (24- $2,864.97), Ari “filivey” Engel (16- $3,502), Ryan “KOVID19” Ko (14- $) 4,404), the 2nd place event #2 for $104,242 just a few days ago.

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