Suggestions for increasing customer revenue at Kino Casino

There are many well-managed keno lounges throughout the country that offer good games and facilities. Unfortunately, some have policies that seem to contradict what is really best for players, shareholders, and casinos.

The first is the use of drink tickets. Why was Keno chosen when the penny slot player can have everything he wants? You can pretend to play on slot machines as easily as in keno. The cocktail waiter doesn’t check how much you play while the drinks are served. Why is this done in some Kino games?

Every business has visitors who use gifts. Grocery stores offer free samples, and well-known delivery companies offer free vehicles. The car dealership is conducting trials.

the well-treated person who came for a “free” drink today is probably an excellent customer who came up with a pay.

Why does asking for a drink menu offend current or future customers? At least a compromise that only requires a menu of really expensive drink drinks. If someone really wanders around and disturbs, it’s a matter of safety. In addition to tournaments

, most Kino lounge chairs are rarely used. Is it so difficult to determine the smoking area of 50%? After all, even in Nevada, almost 80% of the population does not smoke.

Another issue: minimum minimum ticket. Many casinos bonus138 have become enlightened and only have a minimum ticket price, regardless of how you got there. That means whether you play enough means or games to make a minimum dollar amount then you are OK. Requires 10 ways when it doesn’t make practical sense.

Let’s say a casino needs 10 ways to play in a quarter of the way, but customers want to play an all king ticket of one 8 and eight 7 in every quarter way. The problem is that this is only nine ways to visit the 88 God Slot online gambling agency. Ticket

is still $2.50, so make your customers play at a quarter distance, or 50 cents, to make up for lost roads. If you need a 50 Cent way for less than 10 ways, customers who don’t want to spend $4.50 per ticket want $2.25, so find a “way” to play. If not, find the “road”. door!

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