The Borgata Casino Faction movement accuses Ivey of taking advantage of the mistakes of symbol makers

One Slot Gambling in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States (USA), has just filed a lawsuit against one of the world’s popular Slot Gambling players. Borgata Casino, the name of the gambling place, accused the gambler of having manipulated, until they lost and lost money reaching almost 10 million US dollars or around Rp114 billion.

In the prosecution file, which was filed in federal court last week, the Slot Gambling faction indicted Phillip Ivey Jr, the gambler who is the 9x champion of the Slot Gambling World Championship, basically committed a mischievous act by doing “edge sorting” techniques. The Borgata Casino faction accused Ivey of taking advantage of the cardmaker’s mistake, which he thought was known to have noticed there was an inequality in the card’s back design motif.

As Gawker took from the Associated Press (AP), the lawsuit mentioned that Ivey and a partner, in the baccarat game, asked the dealer to change the card specifically, depending on if there was a card expected. In this case, the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 are considered good cards.

On the other hand, according to the process, the “bad” cards are oriented in different directions, so after a few cards, the cards are either placed in a certain pattern and the “abnormal” side is oriented in a certain direction. I have. There Ivey should be able to see when the card was dealt by the dealer. Visit the gacor online slot gambling bonus138 agency.

It also explains if the card is manufactured by Gemaco Inc. should have a circular design that looks like the top of the scheme (half) diamond. However, the diamonds in the scheme seem to have a slightly different shape. Another slot machine, Golden Nugget Casino, initially filed charges against Gemaco because the card easily acquired players worth US$1.5 million (Rs. 17 billion), according to records

  1. Meanwhile, it is known that Ivy may not be a “beautiful” person, as London slot gamblers have previously sued her for the same fact and they won. (Ticks)

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